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CWL Miami Report

POSTED BY Webmaster July 26, 2019

With CWL Champs lurking in the distance, it was time for the last major event of the year, which happened to be the most important event of the year. To reach CWL Champs, you had to finish in the top 16 teams of Miami. We knew what we had to do and would not stop at anything so we could get this job done.

After Singularity not attending Anaheim, this was our first major in just over 2 months. The team was eager to go. With the return of Tobi “CleanX” to the starting roster after having months on the bench due to school, this same roster dominated the online scene earlier this year.

Knowing that the next stage of progression was to assign a coach to the team to help benefit strategies as well as knowing opponents strongest maps, we have signed Sam “Fenix” who is a talented coach who has worked with many Professional players. With Sam and the return of Tobi, we knew we had a good feeling when asked about qualifying for Champs.

Starting off with a comfortable 2-0 results against Fathom Gaming, AfterDark eSports and Twisted Method, we were 1 victory away from guaranteeing qualification. Winners round four saw us match up against 7th seed, Aspire. Having ex pro league players in ‘FA5TBALLA” and RobbieB, we knew we had a challenging game where any minor mistake could either win us the map or lose us the map. Having to continuously wait a few hours in between games for other matches, we started slowly in the first map. Bouncing back straight away in the Search led the scores to being 1-1. Unfortunately, a few errors cost the team, which left them losing the series 3-1 however, we knew we would only come back stronger.

With the loss to Aspire being the final game of the day, the team had all night to plan out and discuss all events that happened. Falling into the losers bracket, it was do or die time. Knowing we had to play a strong HYXR roster to qualify for Champs, we knew this was our most important match of Black Ops 4. Everyone was hyped and crowding around our station to watch a one sided affair. We lit a fire within ourselves and came out hot, forcing HYXR on to the back foot that they seemingly could not get off. Having convincing won the hardpoint, search and control, we had completed our main task of the event. We have qualified for the CWL Championship 2019.

With the aim of qualifying now complete, the pressure was not on and the team could now enjoy themselves whilst playing and the results after proved it. Beating strong opposition in Fire Sticks Gaming, eXcalibur and Carnage Gaming who have also qualified for Champs, the team spirit and mentality was through the roof. With Mazer Gaming knocking at the door, we were ready for battle. Seeded third in the Open event, having the likes of Spacely, Parzelion and JetLii who have all came from Pro Teams, we knew we would have to be at our best.

Arguably taking the Hardpoints straight forward, it came down to the Search and Destroys and Control. Staring at defeat and being knocked out of the tournament, we demolished Mazer on Hardpoint, which concluded into a final map of Search and Destroy. With a couple of fixable errors and mistakes, we were unfortunate not to prevail. Losing 6-4 against Pro League players was not spirit damaging. This was the end of our tournament placing 5-6th in the Amateurs Finals walking away with our heads held high claiming $6,000.

“I’m very excited to compete at champs alongside the boys, as 4 of us are sharing the experience of our first Champs. I do not think there are many expectations for us, at least in the minds of spectators. I believe if we show up and play our game and don’t let the occasion get to our heads, we can easily come out with something upward of T12”

Jed “Detain ” Mulcahy

“Our expectations going into the event was first of all to qualify for champs before focusing on the event itself. We kind of split the event into two, and focused on getting the most important job done first. After we qualified for champs, a lot of weight got lifted of our shoulders and we started to really perform and ended with a T6, which could’ve been better, but unfortunately we didn’t win in the end.”

Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson

“Starting the event, I found us to be coming out slow in the first few rounds. I kind of expected this, as every event the first 3 rounds are normally a breeze. However after we lost to Aspire we knew we had to bring more energy and passion to our game, so coming into the qualification game on Saturday morning against HYXR we did exactly that, which set the tone and gave us a lot of confidence going into our next games.“

Jamie “Insight” Craven

“Speaking from a spectator’s view that works closely with the COD roster, I could not be prouder of every individual involved. Seeing how dominant we were at Hardpoint really made me believe it is our time to put ourselves on the map. Dropping only two hardpoints all tournament (both against Aspire) this is something we can definitely be proud of. Now the real grind begins with Sam and the team working on Search and Control. If we master them like how we have hardpoint, I feel like Singularity can and will make a statement at Champs. Having 100 Thieves or Luminosity in our pool just shows how hard our players have worked as a team to grow and develop a professional attitude in game and out!”

Curtis Bottomley

Now, we await Champs!

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