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Danish Duo joins SNG

POSTED BY Grauling September 15, 2019

We are excited to announce the addition to the Fortnite roster of two Danish players, Julian “Freq” Thorup and Sebastian “Dyrvig” Nielsen!

I am Sebastian, better known as ”Dyrvig”. I started playing Fortnite at the end of season 2, and started taking competitive seriously, when Share The Love event was announced. Since then I have been competing and striving to be on the top. I first came across Freq in a small Danish tourney and ever since then we have been good friends. We both played with separate duos in WC, but when trios was announced as the new comp mode, we tried playing together and it went quite well. Qualified for all four finals so far and super excited to go into the last week of open qualifiers under the banner of Singularity!

My name is Julian “Freq” Thorup and I started playing Fortnite mid-season 1 on PlayStation 4 and then changed to pc at the end of season 2. I started to take competitive Fortnite seriously when Winter Royale was first announced. Since then I have been grinding to improve every day! I first met Dyrvig in a small Danish tourney where he killed me, we have been good friends ever since. I am super happy to represent Singularity!

“I’m thrilled to pick up Dyrvig and Freq, I love that we’re able to support the Danish Fortnite scene and keep working and developing the talents here. I have been in talks with Dyrvig numerous times and I am happy to finally be able to pick up what I view as the best controller player from Denmark. Looking forward to a great partnership and hopefully some great achievements together under the Singularity! banner!”

Atle S. Stehouwer