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Dota2 Roster Change

POSTED BY Grauling July 10, 2019

”We recently decided to make a change in the team, unfortunately we had to part ways with EGM. We realised too late that an important ingredient for us was missing and in the end we had to make a judgment call. We feel that the change was necessary in order to improve our chances during the upcoming qualifiers for The International.
The decision was a mutual team decision. EGM is a formidable player and we hope that he will find a fitting home where he can shine. We were in need of someone who is more active in-game, enabling moves and coming up with new creative ideas. I’ve worked with Luft in the past and knew he had those qualities we were looking for. He agreed to step in and play with Team Singularity during the qualifiers for the International. Having succeeded in the open qualifiers we’re motivated and confident to bring you some more action packed games in the regionals. We are now focussed on reaching the play offs and qualifying for TI.”

Noah Eigenheer, Th3ReaLJP

“It’s been a pleasure being in Singularity, but unfortunately we weren’t able to do ourselves justice in results and therefore something had to change in the team. I want to thank Singularity and my old teammates for the time together and I wish them the best going forward”


”The question to play with Team Singularity came pretty much out of the blue and there wasn’t a long thought process behind my decision. I was free and decided to give it a try.
I’m looking forward to play with them in the closed qualifier and obviously hope that we can qualify for TI.”

Merlin Seibel, Luft

“I never think it’s wise to make a change less than a week before the most important qualifier of the year, but nevertheless then it feels like the vibe of the team and motivation was at an all-time low, which meant change would be coming sooner or later.
I’m happy we were able to find a suitable replacement in Merlin “Luft” Seibel, and that we were able to edge out the open qualifier and qualify with the last spot available for the CQ, that’s being played this week.
With that being said then I’m super proud that Jerry “EGM” Lundkvist also made it through the open qualifier with the “BALD” squad, and I wish him the best in his future career and hopefully our path will cross again somewhere in the future.
I’m excited to see how our run in the closed qualifier will turnout, but it seems like all the teams in the qualifier have an equal chance of making their mark in the Dota2 scene and make a splash in the pool. I see no clear favourites in the EU closed qualifier, so I believe it will come down to the small details in many of the bo1 series.”

Atle S. Stehouwer