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Dota2 Roster Update

POSTED BY Grauling November 26, 2019

After the failed attempt to qualify for the minor, we took a short break to reflect on our performance. Overall, we did well, but we were still disappointed and expected to do better.

We had in mind to stick together long-term, at least that was the plan. Often things do not work out how you expect them and some of our players got great offers, which couldn’t be refused. The most notable transfer was to loan SabeRLight- to quincy crew in order to replace Sumail on the offlane. At the same time our Captain Peksu got an offer to be bought out by an organization we cannot reveal just yet. 

At Team Singularity we’re all about supporting the player and having the best in mind for the player even if this sometimes comes at a cost. We had to rebuild the roster and find fitting replacements. We would not know if Saberlight would come back or if he would be bought out after his loan. Having this in mind, we could not just wait for eventualities and had to start over. We were aware that MagE’s and Xcalibur’s roles were not working well together. We made a mutual decision that we would go separate ways and MagE- left the team. 

Dnz would move to position five to take over the captain role. We took our time thoroughly to go through all the options we might have. Our idea was to change things up a little bit and re-evaluate how we want to structure the roster. We wanted to have an experienced player on position 3 and position 5. On both position 1 and 4 we wanted young players who exceed in their roles. Players who are passionate about learning new things and eager to try-hard every day. These young players would come at a high risk, but also with great potential. This was for us the only way to achieve what we had in mind for this dpc season. We had to take risks! We were unsure how we wanted to fill the position 2 role. On one hand, it is great to have an experienced player who can create space and knows what is best for your position 1 player. On the other hand, it can be a great advantage to have a young player who is all about winning the lane and being able to snowball into a game. We wanted to try players which would fit each role and compare their impact.

Our priority was to talk with Ace and HesteJoe-Rotten who would not continue with Ascomanni. Ace had already gotten an offer and was not an option anymore. We were lucky though and HesteJoe-Rotten agreed to try out with us if we would find fitting players. We had the flexibility to move Xcalibur on either position 1 or 2, it would give us more options in finding the right player. We contacted Chappie and he sadly communicated to us that he would retire for now. 

Over the period of 2 weeks, we tried out different combinations and felt that the line-up with Zitraks and Yume had the best potential. They are two young Russian players who speak good English and had amazing ideas on how the wanted to play the game. Both are very smart, flexible and easy to work with.

After a longer period of scrims and trying things out, we decided to sign these players. We’re happy to announce our new roster with Zitraks, Xcalibur, HesteJoe-Rotten, Yume and Dnz. 

On the side note, SabeRLight- has returned to us and is currently benched. He is available to be transferred and is welcome to try out with other stacks.