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Today we are happy to announce our entry into Teamfight Tactics better known as TFT. We have signed two players to our TFT division, and we’re pleased to give a warm SNG welcome to Andreas “Lev D Trotskij” Riis Larsen and Iley “MercuriaL” Alvarez Funcke that will both be representing the green Singularity banner going forward.

Andreas “Lev D Trotskij” Riis Larsen has played TFT since the beginning of 2020, and during that year he was part of the European elite, where in September he finished as number 2 for the World Championship in TFT. At this time he also started streaming, but as the education became more serious, he had to arrange his priorities and has therefore neither played nor streamed the game in 2021. Now he has finished his bachelor degree and has newfound motivation to come back to the game. Therefore, he joins Team Singularity and becomes part of our streamer and content team, where he will more or less exclusively stream TFT.

The goal for Andreas will be to create a cozy community where there is room for everyone – both experienced and less experienced players and especially Danish players. In addition, he will try to grind his way to the top again and reclaim his position among the best TFT players in the world, where the goal will of course be to qualify for the World Cup when that time comes. Therefore, his primary focus will be on getting back to playing and streaming again and building that community, which Team Singularity can help with.

Andreas will start streaming set 5.5 PBE starting this week. During the summer holidays, he will stream more than usual, but after the summer when he will start on his candidate, he will most likely be streaming 4-6 hours most weekdays.

Come watch the action live on and follow Andreas grind to the top once again!

“I’m super motivated and excited to get back into the game after finishing my bachelor degree, and I’m confident that I can find my way back into the top of the rankings.”

Commented Andreas “Lev D Trotskij” Riis, TFT player, Team Singularity

In addition to signing Andreas then we have decided to also sign Iley “MercuriaL” Alvarez Funcke, a player that currently haven’t made the breakthrough or qualified for the World Championship yet, but we believe that he’ll be one to watch in the future and Team Singularity will help assist him getting in on the streaming opportunity as well.

Iley “MercuriaL” Alvarez Funcke have played video games since he was small but the competitive side started when he was 13 and started playing Dota 2. Later on he played some Hearthstone and got pretty good but never really competed much. However these games were perfect for liking Dota Auto Chess, the first big auto battler. As soon as Dota Auto Chess came out he was hooked and played it a lot until TFT got released. Since the beta days of TFT then he’s never stopped playing it and he still grind every day to improve and become as good as possible. His strength in TFT is playing flexibly and also tourney play where there aren’t many tournaments that he hasn’t done well in.

“It’s great to join a team I have supported for a long time and I look forward to keep improving together with SNG”

Commented Iley “MercuriaL” Alvarez Funcke

We also got a comment from our Founder and CEO, Atle Stehouwer, upon entering into yet another gaming title and his expectations to the two players:

“I’m always happy to explore new gaming titles that we haven’t yet touched, and with us being present in all other Riot Games games (except Legends of Runeterra) then it aligns with our strategy, and I’m thrilled to welcome both Andreas and Iley to the SNG family. I’m confident that we’ll see great results from both players going forward, and I hope that our experience and knowledge in Team Singularity can assist their growth and motivation.”