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Team Singularity enters the Wild Rift with Zour & Raion!

Mobile esports is on the rise, and with Wild Rift launching in Europe in December, it is only getting bigger. Team Singularity is looking to continue our success in mobile esports with Wild Rift, after a great performance by our Call of Duty Mobile team, getting 3rd in the European Regional Finals for the World Championship.

Team Singularity is looking to stay at the top of the competitive Wild Rift scene and therefore, we are out early to secure the best talents, and today we welcome our first additions to the roster: Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay and Hadi “Raion” Noureddine. Zour has proven himself by playing at an extremely high level across multiple mobile MOBA’s, such as Onmyoji Arena and Arena of Valor, and Raion has a lot of experience, having played in the Arena of Valor series for both team RoyaL and Alliance. Both Zour and Raion are extremely important pieces in our early building of the roster, and we are stoked to bring them on board together.

Zour will be the starting mid laner for the team, with Raion in the jungle, when Singularity approaches the Wild Rift!

SNG Wild Rift team:

  • Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay
  • Hadi “Raion” Noureddine
  • TBA
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“I originally introduced Zour to mobile MOBA’s two years back, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that this guy was something special. Within weeks of being introduced to the game, he climbed to global rank 2 in Onmyoji Arena, and continued to impress in other games. When Team Singularity wanted to enter Wild Rift, I was not in doubt for a second that this was the guy to start off with. I can’t wait to continue working with Zour in Team Singularity.”

Samuel “Ryuh” Morthorst, Head of mobile esports, Team Singularity.

“As a player who came from a moba game (onmyoji arena) with no competitive scene, I am very delighted that  Team Singularity believes in me, especially Ryuh who taught me and has helped me come this far. I can’t wait to show you all what I am capable of when Wildrift is out in EU. #SNGARMY”

Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay, Wild Rift player, Team Singularity

“First of all, I am very excited to be joining Team Singularity with Zour for Wild Rift. I used to play HoC (Heroes of Order and Chaos), ML (Mobile Legends), VG (Vainglory), AoV (Arena of Valor) at a High level. I always wanted to dedicate my time to grind the ladder and become a pro player, and I’m very glad to get the chance to show everyone who we are and what we are capable of.”

Hadi “Raion” Noureddine, Wild Rift player, Team Singularity

“I’m very happy to welcome Zour and Raion to the Singularity family, and I’m looking forward to grind and conquer the EU Wild Rift scene in 2021.
Team Singularity has a lot of experience within the mobile gaming space and therefore we’ve decided to enter into the Wild Rift scene early as we’ve great expectations to the esports ecosystem within the game title.
The game also synergies with our efforts in League of Legends, and I hope we’ll be able to create some awesome cross content, and make dual use of performance efforts within League of Legends and Wild Rift.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity