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Today you can join the discussion about academies in esports as ESI Digital Summer is hosting a panel in the matter where both our own founder, Atle S Stehouwer, and the founder of, Erik Lydecker, will be part of the panel alongside Kieran Holmes-Darby (Co-founder and Esports director, Excel) and Jonas Gundersen (COO, Ninjas in Pyjamas).

A topic on the mind of all esports organizations: Is it commercially viable for esports teams to have academies?

The funnel for top tier talent in esports remains ill-defined and not fit for purpose. It varies from game to game of course, with some competitive ecosystems from the grassroots to the top of the pyramid at very different points in their evolutions, but the long and short of it is, it’s challenging for teams to find the best talent, and it’s incredibly challenging for potential and would-be stars to prove themselves. Issues ranging from accessibility to feasibility are commonplace, and simply a clear and established path to pro isn’t quite what it could be. The question of whether it makes sense right now for teams to invest in academy infrastructure is one this session will seek to explore.

You can find the full program for ESI Digital Summer here:

Team Singularity are currently running the largest academy in esports with +8000 members in our smart academy created together with, and we are currently still only open in two gaming titles: Fortnite + FIFAWe expect to grow much larger by the end of the year when we will be open in all gaming titles, but we are learning a lot from our members and committed to create the best quality product in the market for years to come and with a skill-based path2pro included in all esports programs.