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Esports Cards Partnership

POSTED BY Grauling September 17, 2021

Today we are happy to announce two new partnerships as we are excited to welcome both MyFutCard.com and MyEsportsCard.com to the SNG family.

MyEsportsCard’s and MyFutCard’s customizable personal esport cards creates the possibility to seamlessly design your very own, personal esports card of high quality. A personal esports card can be used for a variety of things spanning from a cool gadget to yourself to a gift to your buddy. heck, we’ve even heard of a funny self-portrait for the family – the opportunities are plenty, only limited by your imagination.

USE CODE “SNGARMY” to get -20% on your order!

“We are very excited to have entered into another collaboration with a large Danish esports organization such as Singularity. We love the global mindset in Team Singularity and see a huge potential in the collaboration, which we have high expectations of, especially given their fantastic work within their academy.”

Kasper Carlsen, CEO & Founder, myfutcard.com & myesportcard.com

“I’m super excited to partner up with MyFutCard.com and MyEsportCard.com as I believe they have a great product, that will be desired by our fans and aspiring talents.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder, Team Singularity