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eSuperliga Finals Report

POSTED BY Grauling January 27, 2021

Written by Lasse “OneWayCrazyy” Winsløw Kristiansen

Today I would like to talk about our performance in the eSuperliga Season 5 Finals event, and walk you through how we got there, whom we faced, our approach to the finals and mindset for next season.

Playoffs game against FC Nordsjælland

After finishing 5th in the regular season, we had to defeat FC Nordsjælland (a team we had lost to earlier in the season) in an all-or-nothing match to decide whether or not we would qualify for the finals event.Al-Bacha and Grøn played against JoeFromDenmark and Niller, and we felt confident going into the game, as we had finished 5th in the regular season and they had finished 12th.

We were huge favorites for this game and we made sure to prepare well.When we played FC Nordsjælland in the regular season, Niller beat Al-Bacha and JoeFromDenmark managed to defend that result against Grøn in the 2nd game.We looked at what mistakes we made and went into the game with a fresh mindset.

The first game of the Playoffs against FC Nordsjælland was Al-Bacha against Niller. A repeat of the matchup in the regular season, where Niller beat Al-Bacha 2-1. We made a few changes to Al-Bacha’s way of attacking against Niller and that resulted in a 3-1 win for Al-Bacha in the first game, giving Grøn a perfect result to work with in the 2nd game against JoeFromDenmark.

One of Grøn’s biggest strengths is controlling the play, and keeping a result and that is exactly what he did against Joe. The game ended 1-1, which meant that we won 4-2 overall and were going to the big finals event!

eSuperliga season 5 finals event

We were picked by FC Copenhagen / North for the quarterfinal of the finals event. FC Copenhagen’s team consisted of Marcuzo and Lordhjorth (both former winners of the eSuperliga) and their coach MadsR. A very strong team and the biggest favorites to take home the trophy.

Our game against FC Copenhagen in the regular season ended 4-3 to FC Copenhagen. It was a game we felt was quite close and we were confident we could improve on this result and surprise them in the quarterfinal.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. FC Copenhagen beat us 5-2 in the quarterfinal, which ultimately meant that our eSuperliga Season 5 campaign was over already. FC Copenhagen went on to go all the way, and lift the trophy in the end.Obviously we were disappointed with the early exit, but a lot of lessons were learned and experience was gained.

Season 6 expectations and mindset

After our exit in the quarterfinal, it was time to rest. It had been a long season, and we had to go home and wait for the new eSuperliga season to begin.

Our mindset for the next season is definitely a positive one. Season 5 was our first season together, we have grown a lot as a team and got to know each other very well, which is very important for a top team.

We have big ambitions and obviously aim to go even further than the quarterfinal next season!