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eSuperliga Midway Status

POSTED BY Webmaster December 7, 2020

I am Lasse “OneWayCrazyy” Kristiansen, and I am part of the Team Singularity x Randers FC team in the eSuperliga. I would like to take you behind the scenes, on how we players think up to important games and how we prepare ourselves for these tough games. I have therefore chosen a couple of our toughest games this season, and how we prepared for these games.

Selected matches:

Randers FC – Lyngby BK:

Before the start of the season, Lyngby had one of the strongest teams in the league on paper. They were our direct competitors for the Top 4 spot in the league, so we knew that we had to get tactical and give everything to grab 3 points.

Lyngby played with Pilm and Niklas Jakobsen, and we played with Al-Bacha and Grøn.

We chose to play Al-Bacha against Pilm, because we knew that Pilm is a player who likes to play in a slower tempo and control the games. We therefore knew that if Al-Bacha could play with his usual high-tempo pressure tactic, we could maybe expose him.

Grøn is extremely good at keeping the opponent away from chances, so our plan was that Al-Bacha could secure a good result against Pilm, and Grøn could then defend that lead against Niklas Jakobsen.

That plan worked perfectly as Al-Bacha secured a perfect result for Grøn, by winning his game 4-1 against Pilm. Grøn defended the lead perfectly and his game ended 0-0.4-1 win overall and 3 very important points against a tough side!

Randers FC – AC Horsens:

Another important game against a team who despite having two good players, had underperformed in the league. We knew we had to win these kind of games, if we wanted to have any chances of finishing in the top 4.

We chose to play Grøn and myself for this game and Horsens played with JeppeLK and Legind. I had to play JeppeLK in the first match, and at this point Jeppe was undefeated for over a year in the league. I therefore knew that if I could secure a good result against him, the odds would be in our favor. I was at home for this game, which means my top priority was to not concede any away goals. It was a tough game, but I managed to pull through with a 0-0, which secured a good result for Grøn, who now only had to draw with Legind for us to get the 3 points.

Grøn has a tough start to the game and quickly finds himself behind 1-0, and later in the 2nd half behind 2-0. We took a pause and made a formation switch along with some other tactical adjustments. Grøn ended up scoring the equalizer to 2-2 in the 87th minute, which meant that we won on away goals! Overall a tough game against an underrated side, but once again our tactic worked perfectly.

Mindset and tactical insight:

Going into the season we were a team many expected to reach the top 4, but also a team many thought would disappoint. We as a team chose not to listen to those who doubted us, instead focusing on one game at a time.

The eSuperliga has so many good teams and we go into every game with the same mentality, no matter whom we play:

1. We do not underestimate anyone!
2. We have a tactical approach and prepare ourselves for our opponents!
3. We play to our strengths, and try to dominate the games!

When picking which two players are going to play the games, Grøn, Bacha and I have a very honest talk about how we feel about the upcoming matches. We take into consideration which playstyles will fit best against our opponents, and who generally feels the most ready for the games.

The player who isn’t playing the match, is always behind us in a coaching role, providing feedback during the games and helping keeping a cool head.

Goal for the end of the season:

After 9 rounds played, we are getting close to the end of the regular season and we are currently sitting in 2nd place, putting us in a direct spot for the finals event.We have a very tough program, and we have to face many of our direct challengers for the top 4, but we believe that 6-9 points should be enough to secure a direct ticked for the finals event.
Our goal is to firstly get to the finals event, and hopefully go all the way from there. I believe we are definitely capable of going all the way, and I think we are a team that many would not want to face in a sudden death match.


Our player Nicolai “Grøn” Groennemose was appointed as the best transfer of the season when the eSuperliga did their midway status last week. Something both Grøn and the team are super proud of and emphasize with our goal and skills.

“I’m incredibly proud of the FIFA boys and their development throughout the last half year. It is a great pleasure to see the team on a weekly basis at the two weekly eSuperliga rounds, and especially in this special pandemic time where most events or league productions are run in a format without players in studios etc.

I love the mindset of my players, and I believe they have what it takes to go all the way. Heading into the eSuperliga season I was a bit worried in regards to if our partnership structure with Randers FC would work as projected, but luckily our representation partnership with Randers FC is running super smooth, and it’s a pleasure to work together around the FIFA team.

I hope we’ll be able to make our way into the final 4 teams in the league this season, and be able to lift the eSuperliga trophy within the FIFA 2021 season!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity

About Team Singularity:

Team Singularity, recently acquired by Rightbridge Ventures, launched in 2016 as a grassroots operation and has grown into a premier esports organization with professional teams competing in Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, FIFA22, Apex Legends and more.

The company is focused on talent development and is the leading player talent incubator in esports. Team Singularity has the largest path2pro esports academy in the world with over 10,000 active amateur players making their way to become the next pro player in esports.

Team Singularity is home to more than 100 players and staff members from more than 30 different countries.

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