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Today Team Singularity part ways with our CS:GO analyst and coach Anton “Ant0_oNNN” Van Gorp. The team has been working closely with Anton for almost a year, but since the goals set forward haven’t been reached within the period both parties mutually agreed that it was best to go separate ways going forward.

Statement Anton “Ant0_oNNN” Van Gorp:

Today I mutually part ways with Team Singularity on good terms. It was a blast the last 11 months to develop myself in multiple ways and it has been a pleasure meeting a lot of people both on- & offline. Despite the lack of results with the different Swedish line-ups I had I always put in my best effort to make things work and I was always really dedicated and passionate about it.

I was acquired as analyst back in august 2017 but I transitioned into a coaching role and took the manager duty with it as well. But the language barrier and my inexperience in coaching wasn’t the best either for the team or for myself. But it’s time for something else for me. I’m really motivated and excited for what the future holds for me. I’m mainly looking into an analyst position again, but I don’t say no to coaching but there can’t be any kind of language barrier again so English, Dutch and potentially even French should be ok. I already got potentially a few offers running but I’m open to more offers in the coming month so I can take the best possible decision during July.

You can reach out to me through twitter (@AntO_oNNNcs) & through mail

Last of all I want to thank everybody who I worked with in the last 11 months who helped me to become the person who I’m today. That includes the several IGL’s I had the pleasure to work with, Singularity management and more specific Atle and many coaches from other teams. Sorry if I forgot anyone out there, hope to see you all soon!

Statement Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO Team Singularity:

It’s been a pleasure working with Anton for the past year, and I wish him the best going forward. It’s been an up and down rollercoaster ride and the team has been close to great achievements numerous times, but has not been able win the last deciding game/games over and over again.
We are working towards pairing the team up with a swedish coach to help stabilise our performances and grind our way into top 30.

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