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Farewell Forone & Refletz

POSTED BY Grauling March 18, 2020

We would like to announce that we are parting ways with Daniel “Forone” Fabro Ribeiro and Helberton “Refletz” Santana Cortez! We would like to thank them for their time under the Singularity banner and wish them all the best in their careers!

“I am very grateful to this organization, I had the best experiences, I played with the best teammates and I was able to fulfill several dreams with it, but unfortunately everything has an end.
Singularity provided great things for me, it is an amazing organization, I have nothing to complain about and I wish all the best, #SNGARMY”

Daniel “Forone” Fabro Ribeiro

“Today comes the end of a great experience in my life, I can only thank SNG for the opportunity to play alongside high level players, it is an incredible organization that allowed me to compete on the Brazilian scene, I made several dreams come true thanks to it, I wish you all best!”

Helberton “Refletz” Santana Cortez

“We entered the Brazilian Fortnite scene prior to the summer last year with the signings of Lasers and Igo, and after the world cup we decided to expand our presence in the market and signed King, Faah, Refletz and Forone. We love the Brazilian community and all our players have been doing very well both together and individually winning almost everything and been ranked one in the region for some time. Due to internal structural changes then we have this week decided to part ways with two of our talented players, Forone and Refletz, and I hope they will both find a new home to develop their talents. It has been a huge pleasure working with both players and I wish them the best in their future journey, as I am sure they will achieve great things if they continue to grind. I hope our paths will cross again in the future!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder, Team Singularity