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FIFAe Club World Cup Qualifier

POSTED BY Grauling December 17, 2020

The all new FIFAe 2020-2021 season kicks off like never before. This is the arena where the world’s best players, clubs and nations make a name for themselves – fame and glory are right at your fingertips!” Our players will be representing Team Singularity and HYDR Esports in the competition as it follows:

  • Mohamad “Al-Bacha” Al-Bacha – Team Singularity
  • Nicolai “Grøn” Noah Grønnemose – Team Singularity
  • Lasse “OneWayCrazyy” Fog Winsløw Kristiansen – HYDR Esports
  • Sebastien “Kolo” Armon – HYDR Esports

Find more information about the tournament:

“The eClub World Cup will be a very big challenge and I am very excited about it! My teammate OneWayCrazyy and I will give our best to represent the team!”

Sebastien “Kolo” Armon

“We are looking forward to the eClub World Cup and I am really happy to represent Team Singularity together with Mo this year! It is going to be tough, but if we play at our best I am sure it is possible to Qualify!”

Nicolai “Grøn” Noah Grønnemose

“We are looking very much forward to the eClub World Cup this Year as it is one of our main goals! We have to show our best form to qualify, it will be very tough!”

Mohamad “Al-Bacha” Al-Bacha

I’m excited to play in the ECWC qualifiers with Sébastien! Sébastien and i are both good players, so our expectation is to reach division 1, and hopefully qualify! We know it will be challenging, but our confidence is high and we hope to do well in the tournament!”

Lasse “OneWayCrazyy” Fog Winsløw Kristiansen