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Today marks a very special day for Team Singularity. IT’S OUR 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Exactly 5 years ago today, four bright minds decided to give birth to what has grown into what we all know and love today!

The journey has been a chaotic rollercoaster ride, but through hard work and dedication then we have been able to stay afloat in the esports market. Through trial and error, we have been able to create a solid foundation and scale our operation gradually.

Throughout the last 5 years we have built the Team Singularity esports organization from the grassroots and experienced the commercial maturing of the esports and gaming market including all aspects of operating a business in an ever-changing market.

The journey so far has been a time-consuming rollercoaster ride of emotions and hard work, but we have been able to create a relevant top 30 esports organization in the world with a very small budget at hand, but due to our knowledge, experience and capability of execution then we have been able to make a big impact.

In Team Singularity we have housed more than 600 contracted players over the past 5 years, where +500 of them is from within the past 3 years. We have housed players from around 50 countries and continue to expand our global presence every day.
The teams and players have won +$2.000.000 in prize pools throughout our existence, and that number continues to grow.

Today we have the biggest esports academy in the world and continuously keep punching above our weight class in terms of performance x budget.

We want to thank everyone that has been a part of our journey so far, and a special thanks to all you fans that has followed our development and supported our team and players both online and offline.

We had a sit-down interview with our founder and CEO, Atle Stehouwer, whom been the only constant in the company from the birth and until now, about the journey, motivation and much more:

“I’ve always dreamt of creating my own sports club and that was my motivation for starting an esports organization. Being a part of the esports scene is a blessing, but it requires hard work and dedication to get top the scene. I decided to go into the world of esports and gaming because I wanted to be in an industry where I could see myself working for the rest of my life, and where I believed that I could make a difference.

In esports, there is a lot of talking about people’s big visions and dreams, but there is also a huge lack of execution upon these visions.
I have been an independent contractor ever since I was 18 and could create my own company, and working in various industries have given me the skillset needed to execute on my visions. It’s been a long and crazy journey I’ve been on, but I’ve never stopped grinding.

I have built a solid management team over the last 3 years of extremely talented and passionate individuals, and without all of these dedicated people Team Singularity would not have been what it is today. I’m forever grateful to all the people that have put in their time and effort to help the brand develop. It has been a rollercoaster ride of a journey and with many bumps along the way, but through trial and error, we have been able to overcome our obstacles.

I have always seen myself more as a leader than a boss, and I have no problem doing the dirty work to get things moving and keep the ball of progress rolling. I aim to inspire my co-workers through good work ethics, ever-growing ambitions and smart solution efficiency.
My biggest problem is that a day only features 24 hours, and that I’ve a tendency to micromanage everything, as I’m a huge perfectionist.

The esports and gaming industry offer many opportunities to be innovative and creative and that fact is one of the most important aspects for me in an industry to be able to stay motivated and feel comfortable. Team Singularity is an agile organization that aims to exploit untapped opportunities. I continuously monitor the market for new possibilities and stay updated in as many gaming titles as possible.

In Team Singularity we have built a solid foundation for a scalable operation and healthy ecosystem. Through this foundation we aim to strengthen and consolidate our international position for years to come.
The industry is growing rapidly, and the market is progressing fast towards the lucrative maturity phase where our foundation and ecosystem will enable Team Singularity to monetize on the full potential of our operation.

In Singularity we aim to create a family that can support each other throughout all the gaming titles we are active in. The esports scene never sleeps and even though there might be certain player breaks in some gaming titles then the work behind the scene never stops.

Esports is all about risk assessment and building a healthy framework for your players and management staff to thrive. In esports knowledge is power and the more info you have the better risk assessment you’ll be able to do. Small mistakes in esports can have a huge impact financially, especially in the current market.

Growing from the grassroots and into a powerhouse is something that require the right timing and investment. I believe Singularity hit the timing, but our founding investment was way too small for the ambitions, and we struggled the first 3 years to keep the money flow healthy and to fuel our operation and visions.

It’s time for the next level, but this is still just the start of our journey towards the top of the industry! Thank you to everyone that keeps supporting us and cheers to 5 more years!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder and CEO, Team Singularity


About Team Singularity:

Team Singularity, recently acquired by Rightbridge Ventures, launched in 2016 as a grassroots operation and has grown into a premier esports organization with professional teams competing in Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, FIFA22, Apex Legends and more.

The company is focused on talent development and is the leading player talent incubator in esports. Team Singularity has the largest path2pro esports academy in the world with over 10,000 active amateur players making their way to become the next pro player in esports.

Team Singularity is home to more than 100 players and staff members from more than 30 different countries.

About GamerTech™:

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