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Free Fire Roster Announcement

POSTED BY Grauling July 8, 2021

Today Team Singularity would like to announce the changes of the Free Fire team; we are proud to announce the start of cooperation with the Five Deadly Sins roster!

Five Deadly Sins is a young roster of Russian and Ukrainian players, created a little over six months ago, during which time the team managed to take 4th place at Free Fire Pro League CIS Season 2.

Official roster of Team Singularity in Free Fire (CIS):

  • Ruslan “Svitogor” Mamatsuev – Captain
  • Danil “Spr1te” Zavgorodnii – player
  • Vitalii “Lewa” Bekyta – player
  • Adam “Bon4ikk” Oliinyk – player
  • Daniil “Rebock” Poglazov – standin
  • Iurii “EW1X” Zuev – standin
  • Mikhail “Kronos” Kamnev – coach

“We are very glad to start working with the Team Singularity, as there are not many Esports organizations in our region and one of them decided to sign the Five Deadly Sins. We will try to meet expectations and make it to the World Series final.”

Mamatsuev “Svitogor” Ruslan, Free Fire Team Captain, Team Singularity

“Five Deadly Sins is one of the most promising rosters in the CIS region. As soon as it became known that we would not be able to keep the old line-up, I had no doubts that I wanted to work with these guys. I am very glad that these guys are joining our organization. I am confident that with the right approach, we can become champions of the Free Fire Pro League S3!”

Mikhail “Kronos” Kamnev, Team Coach, Team Singularity

“We are very proud to start working with such a young and promising lineup! For our part, we hope for productive joint work with the guys, as well as their speedy growth both in terms of play and media.”

Daniel Shatrov, Team Manager, Team Singularity