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Geeks Gone Wild #25

POSTED BY Grauling January 23, 2020

“The preparations have been relatively good, we have been to bootcamping and we have worked hard with pracc every single day and it looks really good! I hope for a victory at GGW, but we take this tournament as a small test for future tournaments and to get the last few things fixed!
The mood is really good in the team, we have fun in practice and people start to get to know each other really well! We are currently ranked 71 on HLTV which is fine after a single online qualification, but we expect to get further in the list as time goes on.”

Peter “Casle” Toftbo Ardenskjold

“The general preparation has been going well. We are improving by every pracc, and our evaluation after our days has been really helpful! However, two of our players have been sick on different days, so we are going to come into this event less prepared than we wanted to be, but I am still hopeful for a good result.
I do not like to talk about expectations outside of the teams borders, it usually sets you up for failure and puts unnecessary pressure on the team, but we see ourselves as a good contender for the event. The teams’ spirit is really high, we’re slowly getting more and more comfortable with each other both inside and outside the game, so I’m really hopeful for what the future brings. It is very nice to come in at #71 so fast, but it is far from where we want to be, so the grind must continue and we hope our upcoming tournaments can help us climb a bit more!”

Daniel “Mertz” Mertz