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Genesis joins SNG

POSTED BY Grauling March 27, 2019

Following the abrupt departure of Jack “maple” McCartney on such a short notice, the Call of Duty team had to take a decision moving forward into CWL Fort Worth! That’s when James “Genesis” Smith stepped in!

“Fort Worth was an event of many positives! We went into the event, under practiced due to circumstances, which was out the teams’ hands, which obviously made things a lot tougher. However, I feel we shown great potential with many good things to build on. The T12 finish wasn’t bad, but we can without a doubt do so much better with some practice and preparation. I’m beyond excited for CWL London to show and to prove our full ability, in our own country.”

James “Genesis” Smith

“Despite a rough start for the team with many roster changes I am happy that we managed to find the right mix! James is the kind of player that this team needs and with his talent and motivation, I am confident that we can improve a lot for CWL London! I am looking forward to seeing the boys perform and cause some damage!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder

The team is currently preparing for CWL London, which will take place May 3rd-5th!