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Goodbye for now PUBG

POSTED BY Webmaster September 3, 2020

It’s been a crazy ride for us in PUBG, from making it to GLL Grand Slam and GLL S4 to PUBG Masters Cup and so many other championships that we took part of it has been a pleasure sharing this experience in LATAM.

From the first initial 4 players that took the Singularity flag, to PIPAA, danitw, Chiquitin and tplentz, we want to say thank you for helping us on this amazing journey and allowing us to experience South America´s affection and passion.

Today we announce that we will be leaving PUBG for the time being, it’s been a pleasure and we will be back in the future.

The best of luck in your career! Take care!

  • César Daniel “danitw” Arce Kita
  • Fabio Leonel “Chiquitin” Farias Almeida
  • Leonardo Rafael “PIPAA” Ruppel
  • Thiago “tplentz” Plentz

“Thank you, Singularity, for giving us the chance to be part of this beautiful organization, I’m totally grateful and proud to say I played professionally for SNG, I wish them the best and for success in everything coming forward! Sincere thanks!”

Leonardo Rafael “PIPAA” Ruppel

“Even with a tough decision like this one, I am happy about the journey and the great things we accomplished, thank you everyone I’m sure you will continue to excel in your career!”

Manuel “Lampago” Castro, PUBG Coach/Manager.

“I want to thank all the players for representing the SNG banner well, and I’m sad that SNG are leaving the LATAM PUBG scene as we love the players and the community, but it’s really hard to operate in a region where it seems like it’s always the least prioritized region from PUBG Corp, and the situation and handling in regards to the Ivan “P0me” Lucco ban was the deciding factor for us to leave the PUBG scene for now.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity

Hasta luego por ahora PUBG.

Ha sido un camino loco para nosotros en PUBG, de llegar a GLL Grand Slam y GLL S4 a la Copa PUBG Masters y muchos más campeonatos de los que participamos, ha sido un placer compartir esta experiencia en LATAM.

Desde los 4 jugadores iniciales que tomaron la bandera de Singularity, a PIPAA, danitw, Chiquitin and tplentz, queremos decirles gracias por ayudarnos en este asombroso recorrido y permitirnos vivir la pasión y el afecto de Sur América.

Hoy estamos anunciando que vamos a dejar PUBG por el momento, ha sido un placer y volveremos en el futuro.

¡La mejor suerte en su carrera! ¡Cuídense!

  • César Daniel “danitw” Arce Kita
  • Fabio Leonel “Chiquitin” Farias Almeida
  • Leonardo Rafael “PIPAA” Ruppel
  • Thiago “tplentz” Plentz

“Muchas gracias a Singularity por darnos la oportunidad de ser parte de una hermosa organización, totalmente agradecido por todo y orgulloso de poder decir que jugué profesionalmente para SNG, ¡les deseo lo mejor y éxitos en todo lo que les venga por delante! Gracias de corazón.”

Leonardo Rafael “PIPAA” Ruppel

“Aún con una decisión tan difícil como esta, estoy feliz por trayecto y las grandes cosas que se pudieron cumplir, gracias a todos, ¡estoy seguro de que van a continuar destacando en su carrera!”

-Manuel “Lampago” Castro, PUBG Coach/Manager.

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