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Hearthstone Masters Tour Vegas

POSTED BY Grauling June 12, 2019

Earlier this year two of our Hearthstone players have qualified for the Hearthstone Masters Tour Las Vegas! June 14-17 they will be playing for a share of the $250,000 prize pool money!

“When I qualified back in March, it was amazing. I didn’t have time to play a qualifier for the first few days, so when I jumped into the 20th-something overall qualifier, I had no idea what to play and what other people were playing. So my plan was to copy another Dane’s lineup, who had won just the night before, so I could get a feel for the Meta game.
I then realized I had to play on the American server, because the European ones had ended for the day. I then realized I didn’t have the cards needed for the lineup on that server and the only cards I had was for my tried and true Control (Odd) warrior. But, no one had won with warrior or even made it close, so I wasn’t sure how to build it with the new Specialist format. So I just quickly put something together in 5 minutes and went in to the qualifier. Again, mainly with the goal of seeing what the Meta game was.
And for some reason, I just couldn’t lose. So I went on to win my 224-man qualifier in my very first try, with something no one had done at the time – Warrior.
Hopes for the tournament: This shifts back and forth for me. Some days I feel like I’m going to win the whole thing, other days not so much. So the initial goal is to make it to day 2, which means you have to end day 1 at 4-3 or better and then we will see from there.
Confidence in my line up: Since the deadline for submitting line ups aren’t actually until about an hour before the tournament, and therefore the line ups aren’t public at this time, I can’t reveal too much. I can say that I am very confident in my play and how I have built my line up, and it has done decently in practice, but we will have to see how it fares when it counts.
Practice: For the last week or so I have been waking up at around noon (not normal for me, but I wanted to get used to the time difference, and I have a 6am flight, that I want to stay up for), then going for a long walk (10-20km), getting home around 4-5pm and getting some food. Then playing the Battleriff pro league for around 6 hours (it closes at midnight) and then use a few hours to reflect on how the day’s matches have went and what I need to change. And lastly unwind with some other games or TV-shows. Repeat next day!”

Christian “Balorix” Rasmussen

“For Las Vegas I’m almost certainly playing the same lists as I did in the WCG European Finals, maybe 1 card different in the tertiary list. It’s my by far most played deck since the buffs and I have a really god win rate and confidence with the deck. My expectations / goal for Vegas is to get out of the Swiss and hopefully go even further than that but I realize that it will be tough since there’s over 200 players and almost all of them are really good!”

Johann “TechnoGoose” Biörck