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We would like to welcome our League of Legends Female team!

  • Adelina “Cathrine” Nälsén
  • Ida “Emprez” Pedersen
  • Joanna “Ravea” Kinga Janeczek
  • Anette “Pjush” Holm
  • Popescu “Ali” Alexandra Cristina
  • Katarzyna “Ayrine” Gadowska (substitute)

“After taking a few months break from playing I am very excited to be doing this again, and of course it feels even better that it is with girls and an organization I know and trust. I am quite hopeful for the team and lastly I am happy to be back in Singularity where I know I will always have a place.”

Adelina “Cathrine” Nälsén

“With two new players, we have worked through a lot to get here and I’m hoping that it will all pay off and that we do well. It is good to be back in a place I am familiar with and trust!”

Anette “Pjush” Holm

“I’m pleased to announce that we have decided to once again open our Female League of Legends team and have teamed up with three of our former players to make a competitive roster we believe have what it takes to get on top of the European female scene. This is the first step of a bigger plan trying to aid the consistency of the female League of Legends scene and community, but more on that matter in the end of January.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity


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