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Lenda to Furia

POSTED BY Grauling September 4, 2020

Last week our former player Lenda was announced in his new home in Furia, thanks for a smooth transfer and best of luck to both parties in the future!

“It was a great pleasure to be at Singularity, I think our line up managed to show great results and the boys will continue showing this, I can only thank Singularity for the support and confidence that you have given us since the beginning”

Thiago “LENDA” Torres Gutierro Navarro, Player, Team Singualrity Rainbow Six

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Lenda, and I’m sad to see him go as I know the development curve he’s on, but I wish him the absolute best of luck at his new home and I hope they’ll achieve great things together.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity