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Looking for new partners

POSTED BY Grauling September 15, 2020

Throughout the last 4 years we have built an esports organization from the grassroots and experienced the commercial maturing of esports including all aspects of operating a business in an ever-changing market. We have a desire to keep pushing the boundaries and how to operate an innovative esports organization with focus on economic sustainability, talent incubation and long term partnerships.

The journey so far has been a pleasant mix emotions and hard work, but we have been able to create a relevant top 30 esports organization in the world with a very small budget at hand, but due to knowledge, and capability of execution then we have been able to make a big impact.

Now it’s time for the next chapter of the Singularity journey. Why? Because the current majority owners in the company has a lot of other investments in Scandinavia and also some within esport/ gaming, and have recently come to the conclusion that they are not necessary the right fit to be able to realize the potential for the company.

Why consider the Team Singularity case?

  • Ready-to-go 360° esports platform, global mindset and presence
  • Small budget – big impact. Continuously punching above the weight class
  • Established brand and agile organization high impact on social media & commercialization
  • Top of class talent scouting and recruiting with multiple sales and development cases

We would love to introduce you to a different approach on how to run an esports organizations, and also that it CAN be done without the extensive cash burn 😊

Please feel free to reach out for an informal chat and a presentation of an innovative esports company of tomorrow.

Best regards

Atle & Co.

Phone/ WhatsApp: +45 53637363