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New 2019 NA CS:GO roster

POSTED BY Grauling January 12, 2019

After vanity and food left the squad in the Christmas break to pursue their option of playing in an ESL Pro League team, Swole Patrol, the team has been trying out multiple promising players to fill the void and to journey with us in 2019.

After 2-3 weeks of testing players and team combinations the team decided to welcome Gage “Infinite” Green and Ian “motm” Hardy into the ranks of Singularity.

CS:GO team roster 2019:
Joshua “oSee” Ohm –
Cameron “Hydrex” Kern –
Ryan “ryann” Welsh –
Gage “Infinite” Green –
Ian “motm” Hardy –
Coach: Jared “MAC-1” Schneider –

Looking forward to the journey ahead and to achieve greatness together in 2019!