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New CS:GO main team, expanding into the NA scene

POSTED BY Grauling October 22, 2018

After parting ways with our former main CS:GO roster over the summer, we’ve been looking for a team match to represent the SNG banner and grind the CS:GO rankings.
The next step in our journey will be in NA as we’ve decided to pick up the Gorilla Gang roster, as we believe they’ve the potential we’ve been looking for to pick up and to release.

We completely understand that for many, especially Europeans, the switch from the EU scene to the NA scene seems like a strange move, but for us it makes perfect sense in regards to our long-term business plan.

We have been in talks with the Gorilla Gang team among other teams in USA since March this year, but due to many various factors we didn’t make an agreement back then. We believe the Gorilla Gang roster has a huge untapped potential, and hopefully our structure, coordination and management will be able to make the talents shine and get to the next level.
You can’t get to the next level as a player if you don’t have proper management and discipline around your game plan, and in Team Singularity we believe that with our knowledge and experiences we can be the game-changer for the roster to reach their potential and make a mark on the scene.

CS:GO team roster:
Joshua “oSee” Ohm –
Cameron “Hydrex” Kern –
Ryan “ryann” Welsh –
Victor “food” Wong –
Anthony “vanity” Malaspina –
Coach: Jared “MAC-1” Schneider –

Looking forward to the journey ahead and to achieve greatness together!