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New LOL roster (brug: Welcome LoL main team (final).png)
Date: 2/2/19

Today we can gladly announce our new League division as we head into the start of the 2019 season of both League Championship Denmark and Telenor League Division 1.

Last year we won 3 out of 4 splits in the League Championship Denmark, and we’ve set our eyes on a 4/4 goal this year.

After the summer we’ve a new structure coming in surrounding our League of Legends division, but more on that when we reach the summer.

League of Legends DK + NO team roster:
Kenneth “Mikmer” Østergaard – https://twitter.com/MikmerLoL
Tobias “Croxyyy” Nymann – https://twitter.com/cr0xyy
Anders “Fittle” Carly Wind – https://twitter.com/FittleLoL
Maxwell “Milf Police” Martinsen – https://twitter.com/MilfPolice_LoL
Ivan “Asker” Florin – https://twitter.com/asker8844
Jens “iZact” Petter Holum – https://twitter.com/iZactLOL
Michael “AlphaCloud” Skrede
Oskar “Walix” Kilstrøm Nielsen – https://twitter.com/WallxLoL
Jacob “Unpredicted” B. Andersen

Looking forward to the journey ahead and to achieve greatness together!


About Team Singularity:

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