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Making the first NLC Fall cup with success was always the goal for SNG this fall open. We made a flying start to the cup, securing qualification to the Main Event versus Resolve, (2-0) and Dusty (2-0) and awaited our fate via seeding.

Our group became known as the group of death shortly after the draw, with us, Absolved, Barrage and MnM Gaming all competing to secure the two slots to secure the main stage.

We began our campaign well against a disciplined Absolved roster, securing a 2-1 victory after an intense series. Despite being predicted against 0-6 by the NLC analysts, everyone stepped up on the day to take home the victory, and secure our spot in the winner’s bracket versus tournament favourites, Barrage.

Although we had generated a strong team atmosphere and identity, Barrage would always be a tough ask. However, the lads came out swinging with huge performances across the board to make the series competitive. Unfortunately, mitigating circumstances made this series extremely tough, and we knew our fate would come down to the deciding series in the decider match for 2nd place in the group.

The deciding game was against Absolved, and this is where the better team on the day prevailed. Our first game was a clanger, and it left us with an uphill battle to reverse sweep the series. In a 40-minute banger, our squad pulled together to make a dramatic comeback in game 2 of the series to bring the fate of our run down to one game. However, notwithstanding the effort of everyone involved, we had the 3rd game within our grasp until we threw away a crucial fight and enabled Absolved to snowball the game away to end our Fall Open run.

Overall, we finished the Main Event 9-12 place, which were below our own expectations unfortunately.

After the NLC Fall Cup run we parted ways with the players, that are currently all free agents looking for solid homes heading into the NLC S2.

Now we are working hard towards prepping for the 2nd season of NLC that will start in January, and looking forward to be able to announce the roster that will represent us in the new season.

Report by James “Torok” Thomsen, League of Legends head coach and team manager, Team Singularity