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As our League of Legends team is preparing for the Playoffs in the NLC Summer Split we sat down with our analyst Pasquale “PhoenixPasc” Chidichimo to talk about his journey in the team!

“This split had a messy start for me with the elimination in the PG nationals relegation. After my LFT post, I got contacted by Torok and I got the position of analyst for the team. The impact with the team was particular I might say since the entire roster was confirmed between the spring and the summer split.

I was the only new member of the team so I was a bit nervous about how I would fit and tag along with everyone. When I jumped for the first time on discord the giga positive atmosphere inside the team cleansed away all the anxiety.

Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to spend much time with the player. I had instead, the chance to spend more time with the staffers and to bond with them.

My work consists of collecting data and info about the enemies and creating documents for the coaches.

During the split, I was really proud of how we played and improved. This allowed us to finish 11-5 in second place, a very good result but with some bitterness since we were first until week 7.

I am very confident about our chances to climb up to the finals for the playoffs and then who knows.”

Pasquale “PhoenixPasc” Chidichimo