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“I built this roster to win Nordic and qualify for EU Masters! We had some bumps along the way, due to reje and vayu having holidays and practicing with a sub for 3 weeks, but now were in full force!
I am happy with where we are now and believe were consistent enough to win the split and perform at EU Masters, we will show that vs Hillerød and whoever we face in finals!”

Andreas “Skude”Aarlund

“Of course, at the start we were looking and feeling good, starting 4-0. After our first loss, we were still doing fine but as time went on it started to get harder and harder. We had issues with having to fill in with our sub for quite a few games, which was not a problem at the start. Flaystation is a very strong player and good teammate; no one had issues with him by any means.

It was more so that we had to practice differently. Both play and communication had to be adjusted even slightly which took away some of our comfort. Also considering how things started with this roster, going through the first qualifier and making it in, but for a while there was some stress with not knowing where we were ending up until SNG came and picked us up to where we are now! Not to mention health issues at times which effected both our practice and official games, but no excuses. From the entire journey of qualifiers to now, we are feeling good and confident and looking stronger than ever heading into playoffs. We have been over a few hurdles, which have brought out the better side of everyone on the team. Lastly, we were very much looking forward to meet at the finals, playing live in front of fans is always an amazing experience for everyone involved, but unfortunate circumstances, which we hope for everyone’s sake, get resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for cheering us on and we will look to deliver! Thanks for reading, stay safe and take care!”

Jake “Stxrm “ Camilleri

“We started the season off very strong, but the last couple of week’s results has been up and down as we’ve also been playing with substitutes. I’m happy to see that the team did itself justice and qualified for the playoffs and I hope we’ll be able to qualify for EU Masters as that has been the goal from the start!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder, Team Singularity