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Parting ways Call of Duty team

POSTED BY Webmaster March 12, 2021

Today is truly a sad day, after many heavy considerations and internal discussions then it’s been decided to disband the Call of Duty team, and let the players explore individual options within the market as free agents.

We know that this news may not come as a shock due to our post from this Mondays tweet,

but to give some context to the fans then we had to make sure all players had as much time as possible to explore their own options ahead of the stage 2 Elite Qualifiers starting tomorrow.Thanks for all the great memories and best of luck in the future

  • Jed ‘Detain’ Mulcahy
  • Luke ‘Bidz’ Biddle
  • Jack ‘Maple’ McCartney
  • Bjarne ‘Denza’ Sleebus
  • Ehsan ‘DREAL’ Javed, team manager & coach
  • Conor ‘Conny’ Albery, analyst

This is the first time in two years that Team Singularity will be without a Call of Duty team, but we are eager to get back into the Challengers scene, and we hope to be able to do so rather sooner than later.

Our 2021 Cold War season have been on the edge since entering the new year, and after many underwhelming results in a row then we all mutually decided it was time for a great reset.

Ever since our EU team returned from NA back in late April 2020, we’ve been struggling to regain our dominant form from lans and convert to online results. Covid-19 hit possible with the worst timing last year due to all our plans, commitments and form, and we are all confident that the journey for SNG Call of Duty would have looked much different if we would have been able to play everything Covid-19 affected on lans instead.

Even though there’s been some good results throughout the online period then we’ve almost always placed worse than our own expectations. We have been trying to fix this within the team multiple times and in all possible ways, but somehow, we haven’t been able to find a reliable long-term solution.

“This is one of the hardest team decisions we have had to make internally for a long time, but poor performances require tough decisions as everyone in esports know by now. To be completely honest then I’m very emotionally attached to the Call of Duty team for multiple reasons, and therefore this decision truly comes with a heavy heart.

SNG have achieved a lot together with the Call of Duty core over the past two years, and I hope that this decision will make a positive change for everyone who was involved within the Call of Duty team, and I’m looking forward to following the individual careers of our former players and managers. I hope our paths will cross again in the future, and I can’t wait to meet everyone at the next coming lan even if we are not necessary representing the same team anymore.
Take care mates, you know I wish you all the best for the future

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity.

“We started the year with optimism about the future, full of belief and confidence in each other, which translated into some good results including winning both the ASTRO gaming EU finals showdown and the ESHUB $1,000 4v4 variant, while also placing 2nd in the first challengers cup after making an incredible run from Losers Round 1.

However, problems started to creep in, which the team were experiencing last year and it started to affect our mental health, our work ethic and grind for the game. This lead to the team
placing T6 in 3 tournaments and the issues spiraled and accumulated.

We tried everything we could to try and fix the issues we had, and we did see some incredible performances from the
team, including a 3rd place finish in the 5th EU Challengers cup. But, these deep rooted issues started to creep again, into this vicious cycle, affecting our practice habits, mental health and ultimately our trust in each other. This lead to more lackluster performances and underachievement. We felt at this time, we exhausted every possible solution we could for the team and sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and for the sake of each individual career, it would be best to find different options and go for a mental reset. There is a lot behind the scenes that most people won’t have an idea about, and it wasn’t just a case of replacing 1 player to fix the problem. We really tried everything but, sometimes, it’s not meant to me. You can lead a horse to water but, ultimately, it’s up to the horse to drink it.

I don’t regret a single moment with Jed, Jack, Luke, Bjarne and Trei, some of the best moments of my career has been had here. So much laughs and enjoyment when things were going well.
My only regret comes from not being able to do more to help develop the players and bring out the performances we expect from them, and it’s taught me a lot. They are all individually talented
and I know they will excel no matter where they go!

Thank you to Atle and the organization for giving the team an opportunity and a special thank you for the belief you had in me as a coach to try and rectify the situation. It’s not the route we all wanted but, it’s for the best. Thank you to the team and Conny for all the work we’ve put in and the times we’ve shared. Our paths will no doubt cross again”

Ehsan ‘DREAL’ Javed

“I’d like to thank Singularity for everything they have done for me the past 3 seasons, let me live a dream. Feels like I have lost a brother but hopefully we cross paths again soon.”

Luke ‘Bidz’ Biddle

“Only been under the SNG banner for a few months but couldn’t of asked for a better organisation to represent, i have nothing but good things to say about them and they tried everything to better out situation but unfortunately things just didn’t work out. I wish my all my teammates and SNG the best for the future and i hope we can possible cross paths in the future again! #SNGARMY”

Bjarne ‘Denza’ Sleebus

“It’s a shame to see the team split, but after months of disappointing results, it’s for the best. I want to thank SNG for all their help and support!”

Jack ‘Maple’ McCartney

“Being a part of Team Singularity has been an amazing experience overall, they helped me to live out my dream for the best part of three years, and I couldn’t really thank them enough, from the CEO, all the way down to the media team.”

Jed ‘Detain’ Mulcahy


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