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Parting ways Hxnteer

POSTED BY Grauling May 14, 2020

Today we part ways with Fábio Luiz Pieri “Hxnteer” Neves Filho. We would like to thank Fábio for his time under Singularity and wish him all the best moving forward in his career!

“Firstly, I had a good time on SNG, so I want to thank you all on Singularity!

My performance was not good enough this season, and I was not having a good relationship with the other players and thus this decision was made. However, I have no bad feelings, I wish them nothing but the best, and that they can reach the point where they want to be!”

Fábio Luiz Pieri “Hxnteer” Neves Filho

“The decision to take out Hunter of the team was a really hard decision of the team because he has playing with us for a very long time. Nevertheless, after a lot of talk, we think that is the best move that we can do now to improve the team, and be more aggressive on the game!

It was a good journey with Hxnteer and I wish him nothing but the best!”

Matheus Ramalho Gonçalves, Team Manager

“It was a pleasure working with Fábio Luiz “Hxnteer” Pieri Neves Filho and I wish him the best of luck going forward in his career! High skilled player with great personality and I’m sure he’ll find a new home soon!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity