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Parting ways Jake

POSTED BY Grauling December 18, 2020

We are sad to announce that we are parting ways with our Rocket League coach Jake Edwards.
He has been a part of SNG for over 9 months and helped our Rocket League team to play on the highest level in the RLCS and to win the TEI major this year.

Jake decided to leave our team to focus on his new job outside from the Esports industry. We released him from his contract after the 2nd regional event (06.12.2020) and wish him all the best for his future!

„It’s been a pleasure working with singularity and it’s rocket league rosters. They are a great organisation and I am sad to leave, but looking forward to cheering them on from the sidelines.“

Jake Edwards

“Working with Jake was so much fun and such a pleasure. He was my 1st proper coach and I’m lucky to have had such a great first experience with a coach in a professional environment. Jake will be missed by us all but I wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do in the future!”

Joseph “hibbs”Jamie Hibbert

“Jake was an amazing coach that was so crucial for our teams development and we are going to miss him!”

George “Breezi” Rusiecki

“Despite him being from Australia and time zones making things complicated sometimes, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach than Jake. I really enjoyed working with him for so many months and I wish him all the best for his future!” 

Leon “Godsmilla” Mares

“It was a pleasure to work with Jake for almost 1 year at Team Singularity. He is one of the most talented coaches out there and helped SNG to perform very well. Although dealing with different time zones wasn’t that easy sometimes, I will miss working with Jake and wish him all the best for his future.”

Jonas “vel” Schaffrick