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Parting ways with League of Legends team

POSTED BY Grauling November 5, 2021

With the 2021 season concluding abruptly without the NLC Fall Cup due to the change in tournament organiser our League of Legends team is currently on pause until the end of 2021.

We’re incredibly happy to have worked with our staff:

  • Head Coach: James “Torok” Thomsen
  • Assistant Coach: Mateusz “Kiao” Sujdak
  • Performance Coach: Matt “Watson” Watson
  • Analyst: Pasquale “PhoenixPasc” Chidichimo
  • And our players:
  • Top: Andreas “WeiZoR” Svanholm
  • Jungle: Thomas “Noltey” Adam Nolte
  • Mid: Mike “Furuy” Wils
  • Adc: Fayez “Dragdar” Ahmed
  • Support: Thomas “Prosfair” Willis

We wish all of them the best of luck in their careers and looking towards 2022.
However, we want to thank them all for their time and effort with Team Singularity and wish them all the best with their future careers.

“Coming into the first split we as team expected to play for top 3 we wanted to be the best non academy team and challenging them. Sadly with a close bo3 against Nordavind we ended up 4th place with the result we not wanted.

Coming into the summer split we kinda had the same goal in mind and this time it went a lot better in competitive we will just ignore scrims cause it was a disaster first weeks^^. I was pretty confident in ending 1st place in the group, but we struggled in the last week to make it happen. Going into playoffs every series was really tense for sure the Riddle series one of the most fun/stressfull bo3 I have played with an insane ending last game. The series against Fnatic was a rollercoaster we started 2-0 with one game way of finals and EUMasters but we couldn’t close it and it felt awful. But after a few days I got over it and I was happy with how far we came

My personal goals for the future is of course hitting the highest level of Europe but for next year I want to show myself in a better region.
I want to thank all the people with who I worked with in Singularity I had a good time. We had a lot of good moments, but we also struggled on some parts but in the end it was a good year!”

Mike “Furuy” Wils

”Enjoyed the competitive year for what it was with the squad and am excited for whats next. Looking forward to advancing into stronger competitions for the coming seasons!”

Andreas “WeiZoR” Svanholm

“Whilst as a team we did not manage to meet the expectations/goals that we set for ourselves, I’m at least happy that we managed to defy expectations that our competition set upon us by coming one win from securing EUM in some form. As a team playing with singularity was a very enjoyable experience and I’m sure my teammates and coaching staff will go on to great things using what we learnt as a team this year. For the future for me my current goal still stands of winning an ERL and having a strong performance at EUM. In 2022 I hope to achieve this.”

Thomas “Noltey” Adam Nolte

“The end result may not have been as all of us had hoped, but the split was an enjoyable experience with a team environment akin to that of a group of friends. We successfully broke expectations held of us and as a whole managed to solidify ourselves as a respectable team. For me, this is most likely the end of my league endeavours given my health circumstances but I’m very excited to cheer on the rest of the crew who I know will go on to do great things.”

Fayez “Dragdar” Ahmed

“It’s been a great pleasure to work with the whole League of Legends squad this year, and I’m super proud of our results even though it feels like we could have achieved more overall and that we didn’t get the opportunity to make a EUM run this year.

It sucks that our season ended prematurely due to the change in format due to the change of operators of the region and that we have basically had more offseason than on-season this year.

I feel that the players and management have stood out individually and as a team, and I hope to see them achieve greatness individually going forward from here. I wish everyone the best going forward and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity