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Parting ways with our League of Legends team

POSTED BY Grauling September 2, 2020

Today we officially part ways with our League of Legends team, that represented Singularity in the inaugural season of NLC. The team had a rough season and ended up in relegations where they fortunately retained the spot for season 2 that will start early 2021.

“Whilst our inaugural split in the NLC did not go as planned, I have every confidence in the individuals on this roster to rebound in 2021. The dedication they all showed to the team despite such a harsh start is an asset to them all, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”

James “Torok” Thomsen, Coach & Team manager, Team Singularity League of Legends

“This split taught me a lot about mentality and the way you approach games. I think we showed some good play in some of our games, even though the results don’t show that. I’m relieved that we won the relegation series. Me parting ways with Team Singularity will give me a lot of time to reflect on the last split and hopefully I can come back stronger”

Belan “TakeSet” Ahour, Player, Team Singularity League of Legends

Team Singularity are not leaving the League of Legends scene, and we are excited to share all details about our future setup within September.

“I had a great 2 splits with Singularity and is very thankful to have had the opportunity to build a team and get a lot of great experiences, I learned a lot and cant wait to see what Singularity does in the upcoming splits. I myself am not sure where I will be going, but I might return to Singularity one day. Thank you to all my teammates as well even though it didn’t work out in summer it was a lot of fun!”

Andreas “Skude” Aarlund Skude, Player, Team Singularity League of Legends

“I thank SNG for the opportunity they have given me and although it didn’t go as planned, it was a positive experience and I enjoyed my time there and appreciate being treated well the whole time and wish them luck in the next split”

Albu Bogdan “Vrow” Valentin, Player, Team Singularity League of Legends

“I’m sorry we couldn’t make it to the playoffs.My teammates were very nice people, I’ll miss them also Thanks to Mr.Stehouwer for the opportunity.”

Mehmet Emin “Only35” Aydin, Player, Team Singularity League of Legends

“I had a great time in SNG and even when we were doing bad i always felt like the management always believed in us and gave us everything we needed. We sadly didnt perform when it mattered and ended up last in our group but overall i still had a good experience.”

Olof “Flaxxish” Hagberg Medin, Player, Team Singularity League of Legends

“We didn’t achieve our goals this inaugural season of NLC, but luckily we managed to retain our spot for season 2 after an intense best of five in relegations. I’m confident that we’ll be able to find a recipe for success going into next season, and I’m excited for our future journey in League of Legends as I believe we’ve developed a better structure for our operation than previously.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity