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Parting ways with ThomasHD

POSTED BY Grauling August 26, 2019

Today we can announce that we are parting ways with our Fortnite star player, ThomasHD, who attended the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York with his duo mate Klusia from E11.

There’s no clear plan about what organization Thomas will join for future representation, but we mutually agreed that the best move for Thomas was to announce himself as a free agent at first, and get a feel of the interests from various organizations that have hinted interest in him representing them as a player.

“I want to thank Team Singularity and especially Atle, for all the opportunities and framework they’ve provided me with during my time under the SNG banner. It’s time for me to explore my options in the market, and while under contract that can be hard to do, so I’m excited to announce myself as a free agent, and I’m looking forward to see where it takes me in my future journey ahead. I’ll do my best to keep performing at a top level, and I would like to thank all my fans, teammates and family for the support they keep giving!
I’m sure Team Singularity will keep scouting, helping and producing new talents and help assist them in their journey to the top of the scene just as they’ve supported me through my journey!”

Thomas “ThomasHD” Høxbro Davidsen.

Thomas is constantly performing in the pro tournaments and last weekend him and his trio, Klusia + Elokratz, claimed a 3rd place in the Trios finals in the first week of the champions series, winning $21.120 for sharing.

We wish Thomas the best going forward in his career, and hope he’ll keep rising and showing results at the top of the Fortnite esports scene.

You can follow Thomas journey here:

Support him in game using code: ThomasHD

“It’s been a great pleasure having Thomas as a part of the Fortnite team in Team Singularity! He’s a bit of a shy guy at first, but as soon as you get to know him or playing with him in-game, then you’ll meet a completely other side to him than the shy humble minor you’ll meet the first time. I really like Thomas, and travelling with him and his family for the Fortnite World Cup in New York was a great experience and something I’ll never forget. It warms my heart to see the support he’s getting from his family and friends, and I hope he’ll pursue a full-time Fortnite profession as he definitely has the talent for it.
I wish Thomas a bright future, and I’m confident I’ll keep seeing him at the top of the leaderboards for a long time. Best of luck mate and take care!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder, Team Singularity.

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