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Parting ways with Tobiz and Celrate

POSTED BY Grauling January 5, 2021

Today we take our first steps towards our 2021 CS:GO roster, which unfortunately means that we have to say goodbye to Tobias “Tobiz” Brøgger Poulsen and Casper “Celrate” Andersen, that have both been with us for a year and since we re-entered the danish CS:GO scene.

It’s been a partnership filled with ups and downs, and throughout the past year Tobias and Casper have had multiple teammates that have been transferred up in the ecosystem, which also means that the team has been reset a couple of times through their journey in 2020.

We want to thank Tobias “Tobiz” Brøgger Poulsen and Casper “Celrate” Andersen for their time here, and wish both the best of luck going forward and hope we’ll meet on the server.

We asked the two players and our CEO for a comment in the matter:

“I want to thank the team around Singularity for always providing us great support and the chances to prove ourselves against better teams. Unfortunately after the first sale of Queenix it all just slowly went downhill and with the exit of MDL, something had to be changed again. Best of luck to Singularity”

Tobias “Tobiz” Brøgger Poulsen

“After being a part of the core CS roster in Singularity for about 11 months, I am officially out of my contract. Despite the disappointing results we’ve had and the exit from MDL, Singularity has always supported us well.

During my time we survived three MDL seasons, but we sadly didn’t perform well enough to survive a fourth. Therefore, the team decided to pursue new roster opportunities.

I want to wish Singularity the best of luck. They are a hardworking organization and deserve all they can get”

Casper “Celrate” Andersen

“After the recent results in the last quarter of 2020 then we all agreed internally that something had to change in the team going into 2021. It’s never easy to say goodbye to players that have been in the SNG family for an extensive time, and it doesn’t make it easier that I’ve really grown fond of both Casper and Tobias, whom I wish the best of luck going forward.

2020 wasn’t Team Singularity’s best year in CS:GO, but we still managed to develop, spotlight and transfer a wide range of players up the ecosystem.
I’m here to help the team get back on the right path and start climbing the ladder again, and I’m looking forward to be able to announce our 2021 CS:GO roster later this month.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity



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