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Parting ways with Woouis

POSTED BY Grauling December 13, 2021

Today we say goodbye to Woouis. Luiz was a content creator that specialized in Fortnite, but he has decided to move away from content creating. We wish Luiz the best of luck moving forward with his future.

“I would like to thank the opportunity to be at SNG, it was a period of great experiences and I was able to learn a lot, producing content alongside the great players and with the SNG team was amazing, and I can only thank you, thank you for everything.”

Woouis, Former Content Creator at Team Singularity.

“It is a shame to see Luiz leave Team Singularity as he was always a fun individual to be around. From seeing the development Luiz had with us, we are happy that we shared this partnership, and we hope him the best with his future.”

Curtis Bottomley, CGO of Team Singularity.

About Team Singularity:

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