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Please give a warm welcome to Team Singularity’s 2019 partnerships!

“I’m thrilled to announce our new partners Cougar Gaming, PWC, Wupti, Maika’i Copenhagen and Nordic Gaming, but also to continue working and growing with our existing partners HiFi Klubben and C4 Gaming that we got onboard last year. Our journey started less than three years ago, and year after year we’ve been able to evolve and develop our brand and organization into giving our players and management a better framework to thrive in. I’m humbled and super excited about the new partners that has decide to take part in the future journey, and I’m looking forward to make some big moves together with them this year.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder.

Below this you can read about the individual sponsors and check out their websites.

Cougar Gaming

Real Gear for Real gamers. This simple phrase synthesizes our soul. COUGAR’s mission has always been to deliver gaming peripherals and PC components that answer the requirement of those people who think gaming is much more than a way of killing time.


In an increasingly complex world, we help intricate systems function, adapt and evolve so they can benefit communities and society – whether they are capital markets, tax systems or the economic systems within which business and society exist.

WUPTI is a danish webstore that sells a wide array of electronics and appliances from known brands.

Maika’i Copenhagen

Maika’i Copenhagen is a Danish based production and design company, with specialty in high-end merchandise and esports gear.

HiFi Klubben

At HiFi Klubben we know all about how important it is to really enjoy listening. We’re crazy about top-quality sound and good music – and it needn’t be expensive or complicated. Visit one of our shops; we will listen to you!

Nordic Gaming

Nordic Gaming produce gaming chairs inspired by Nordic design philosophies of keeping the design simple while exploring the possibilities of what a gaming chair can do.

C4 Gaming

C4 Gaming Lounge is Denmark’s most ambitious gaming lounge. Focusing on social gaming, great atmosphere and supporting the e-sport movement.


About Team Singularity:

Team Singularity, recently acquired by Rightbridge Ventures, launched in 2016 as a grassroots operation and has grown into a premier esports organization with professional teams competing in Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, FIFA22, Apex Legends and more.

The company is focused on talent development and is the leading player talent incubator in esports. Team Singularity has the largest path2pro esports academy in the world with over 10,000 active amateur players making their way to become the next pro player in esports.

Team Singularity is home to more than 100 players and staff members from more than 30 different countries.