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Player Profile – Bidz

POSTED BY Grauling November 21, 2020

Ahead of the start of the Cold War Challengers season we have asked all our players and our coach to evaluate their individual previous season and give us some insights to their thoughts about the past and the future.

“After our incredible champs performance on bo4 I knew MW was going to be a good year. We all learnt so much that season and had a lot of confidence.

We played such a slay heavy game where so many teams couldn’t keep up with us. In my opinion this is why we won the first two events, no one could put slay us.

the America boot camp was the best thing to happen to me as a player. I took my chances and played everything I could (Hardpoint challenges vs Pros, pro 10s) and it showed a lot of people I could hang with good players.

I knew I was playing good and knew this was the perfect time to start streaming regularly. El gato kindly sent me a captured card and I walked around to Walmart to purchase a high end laptop leaving £80 in my bank account

This was the best decision I probably ever made and my stream banged as everyone wanted to see us play and I managed to get twitch partner

My game play was constantly improving too as I was so confident it also helped that we kept winning. I arrived home in EU 60% better then I did before

We struggled in EU as people became complacent and mainly covid killed all our vibes completely. We did some swap arounds with the team and pushed extra hard to win the final event and it showed as it was the best performance we have had in EU Online tournaments

Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough and we finished 2nd, this new season will be better”

Luke “Bidz” Biddle, Call of Duty player, Team Singularity