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Player Profile – Detain

POSTED BY Grauling November 23, 2020

Ahead of the start of the Cold War Challengers season we have asked all our players and our coach to evaluate their individual previous season and give us some insights to their thoughts about the past and the future.

“We had an amazing run at the start of the Modern Warfare season, we won a 2K in the “preseason” and then we went back to back at the first and biggest LAN event of the season, The CDL Launch week in Minnesota, and afterwards CDL London a couple weeks later. We also had a good little run in America, winning 3 out of 5 tourneys whilst we were out there. Once we got home from USA it was sort of downhill from there, a few second places and T4 finishes for the rest of the year, including a 2nd place finish in the online Champs event at the end of the season.

With all that being said, I’m really excited to get the Cold War season underway, I feel like the team we have composed really covers all bases, and there will be little-to-no teething issues at the start of the season, which will really help us get off to a strong start, as soon as scrims start and tournaments are announced. Of course like I said before it is also a blessing to be able to do all of this with the constant backing and support of Team Singularity. I think we are in for an even better year than the last!”

Jed “Detain” Mulcahy, Call of Duty player, Team Singularity