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PUBG 2020

POSTED BY Grauling January 10, 2020

EPUBG is back in action and our mind is in the first PGS event (PUBG Global Series), with 2 new players on our roster we solidify the team and are ready dominate it all!

“Today we announce the roster that will be joining us this 2020, with a refreshing mindset and a lot of talent we welcome kODAk1d and Harlad! They are very experimented players and well known in the region and I am0 very excited to be working with them, together with p0me, quick and CriStyLe we will be ready for anything. we will do nothing but the best in this new journey!”

Manuel “Lampago” Castro

“We start 2020 with a lot of expectations, new teammates, Harald and k0DAk, we’ve now each other for a long time and now we will start competing together.

The team was built with the objective to win any tournament that presents to us in the future, we must play a lot together to know what to improve, but we have been doing very well, we are more motivated than ever and learning from each other every day.

Thank you very much to everyone that supports us, specially Atle that even when he is busy, is always there with the words we need of trust and encouragement.

Thanks Team Singularity for trusting us and starting the year with us, we are going all in!

Ivan “p0me” Lucco

“I’m thrilled to continue our PUBG adventure in the LATAM scene, and I’m happy to present our 2020 roster as I believe they have what it takes to be in the absolute top of their region.
We have decided to continue the journey with two of our current players, Lucco “p0me” Iván and Lucas “quick” Emiliano Vazzoler, who will be joined by Daniel “kODAk” Castro Brito and Franco Andres Bastian “Harald” Nicolas Guajardo Melo that are also both well-known names in the region. I’m excited to see the team in action and hopefully qualify for the global events this year.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity

PUBG ha vuelto a la acción y nuestra mente está en el primer evento de la PGS (PUBG Global Series). ¡Con 2 nuevos jugadores en nuestra plantilla solidificamos el equipo y estamos listos para dominarlo todo!   

“Hoy anunciamos el roster que nos va a acompañar este 2020, con nueva mentalidad y mucho talento, ¡le damos la bienvenida a kODAk1d y a Harald! Son jugadores muy experimentados y conocidos en la región, estoy muy emocionado de poder trabar con ellos, juntos con p0me, quick y CriStyLe vamos a estar listos para todo. ¡vamos a dar lo mejor en este nuevo camino!”

Manuel “Lampago” Castro

“Empezamos el 2020 con muchas expectativas, compañeros nuevos en el equipo, Harald y k0DAk, si bien ya nos conocemos hace mucho tiempo, ahora vamos a empezar a competir juntos.

El equipo se armó con el objetivo poder ganar cualquier torneo que se presente en el futuro, ahora tenemos que jugar muchísimo juntos para saber que tenemos que mejorar, venimos muy bien, estamos más motivados que nunca y aprendiendo uno del otro cada día.

Muchísimas gracias a todos los que nos apoyan, en especial a Atle que, aunque no tenga tiempo, siempre esta ahí con las palabras justas para darnos confianza y alientos.

¡Gracias Team Singularity por confiar y empezar el año con nosotros, vamos con toda!”

Ivan “p0me” Lucco