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PUBG squad released from contracts

POSTED BY Grauling October 9, 2018

Today we release our PUBG squad from their contracts so they are able to explore their opportunities in the market to find a suitable home to fit their ambitions and wishes.

Currently our roster has been down to two members Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten and Jonas “C4LVINKL3IN” Sørvik for the last month, where they’ve been trying out new team members to find some players as dedicated and passionated as themselves to bring the extra X-factor to the team.

The team finished top 8 at the recent Polaris Lan Pro series playing with Endre “PHRZER” Solhaug and Johan “Taylor” Taylor, but online the team has been seen playing GLL S3 EU and the Auzom EU closed qualifier with Björn “MOLNMAN” Won Hak Jansson and Ryan “fEJK” Kirkpatrick.

We wish to thank all the players that have been representing us, and a special grateful thanks to Jonas and Kjetil whose been with us from the start, and have been developing their skills and talents under our banner and numerous times proved themselves to be a strong contender to the top of the EU scene even though they haven’t had a paid framework to support their wishes and ambitions.

There’s no hard feelings from both parties, it’s a natural development in our partnership and we hope both players will be able to find prosperous homes to give them the needed support to take their gameplay and focus to the next level.

Even though the players are free agents, both parties agreed that the team will finish the GLL S3 EU under the Singularity banner.

“It’s not often I find humble and skilled players like these talents to work with, and it’s been a true pleasure working together with our PUBG team and watching their progress and development. I can highly recommend any pro or semi-pro organization to give these players a chance to prove themselves and hopefully achieve greatness”. Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity

*Polaris PRO Lan series

*Polaris PRO Lan series

*Polaris PRO Lan series