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Qualified for RLCS

POSTED BY Grauling December 4, 2019

“After we lost to Discombobulators in the RLRS regionals, we felt upset that we wasted this chance after beating Method but we straight away started working on the RLCS promotion tournament. We all decided it was smarter to focus more on TSM rather than Complexity, after the season Complexity had, we knew they were no threat. Everyday leading up to Sunday we was scrimming and watching replays every evening to help us vs TSM. After the first win vs Complexity, we found a scrim because we play much better with a warmup and for TSM we needed to be warm. Unfortunately, we lost 4-3, but in my opinion we were the better team and that’s what kept us positive going into the final chance of RLCS vs Complexity, which we went on to win 4-1 to make RLCS. We are already preparing for this offseason and looking forward for the RLCS to begin!”

Kieran „Meqza“ Durell

“All our players have major experience in the Rocket League Esports scene – now with a new achievement: playing in the RLCS! A goal every competitive Rocket League player is looking forward to achieve! With Godsmilla, ThO and noly qualifying for the RLRS last season our goal was pretty clear: Top 4 in league play and qualification for the promotion playoffs. Within the league play season the team grew as a whole but also every individual player grinded hard to get as best as they could.

We scrimmed a lot for the RLRS regionals to make our dream come true. Beating Method in a close 4 – 3 series after with being down 1 – 3, gave us the needed motivation to come back stronger for the promotion tournament. Another week full of analyzing replays, doing scrimms and watching games of our potential opponents got us ready for the last chance of making RLCS. The good attitude within the team helped the players a lot to give their best and make the final step in the promotion tournament.

I am more than happy that we could do that huge step together and there is no other roster than this who deserves it more in my eyes! The grind does not stop here – we will grind even harder to prove everyone in the RLCS wrong and show what we are capable of doing! It’s time to do some major damage!”

Jonas „vel“ Schaffrick