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Rainbow 6 Roster Update

POSTED BY Grauling June 1, 2021

(Portuguese version below)

Today we are making some changes to our Rainbow 6 line-up, as we welcome three new players to the team and say goodbye to Rodrigo “ghost” Moreno Biancovilli Del’Duca, Diego “Zaak” Balejo Ruiz de Albuquerque Sampaio (on loan to another club) and Gleidson “GdNN1” Marcondes Reginato Junior (transferred to new club).

We are excited to welcome the three new players and wish the best of luck to the players that we are parting ways with, but we will share more info on that later this week.

Team Singularity R6:

  • Eduardo “dustii” Viani Santos
  • Gabriel “volpz” Melchior Fernandes
  • Pedro “pdr1n” Henrique Oliveira Fernandes
  • Vitor “kurtz” Monteiro Ayres (Loaned from W7M Gaming)
  • Vitor “hugzord” Hugo
  • Vinicius “Ipixaim” Alcantara Rodrigues (Coach)

“After we lost the Brazil Cup final, we saw that changes were needed. With that, we brought 3 new players to our line: Hugzord, pdr1n and kurtz, all coming from R6 BR tier 1. We know that the three will bring a lot of experience and knowledge that in our line we didn’t have yet and will help the growth of the team. With that, our line is closed in search of the next cup in Brazil and for series B and composed by: Dustii, Volpz, hugzord, pdr1n and kurtz and I (Ipixaim) in the technical committee.”

Vinicius “Ipixaim” Alcantara Rodrigues, R6 Coach, Team Singularity


“Depois que perdemos a final da Copa do Brasil, vimos que mudanças eram necessárias. Com isso, trouxemos 3 novos jogadores para nossa line: Hugzord, pdr1n e kurtz, ambos vindo do tier 1. Sabemos que os três iram trazer muita experiência e conhecimento que em nossa line ainda não tínhamos. Com isso, nossa line está fechada e focada na busca da próxima copa do Brasil e para a série B e está composta por: Dustii, Volpz, hugzord, pdr1n e kurtz e Ipixaim na comissão técnica.”

Vinicius “Ipixaim” Alcantara Rodrigues, R6 Coach, Team Singularity