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Rainbow 6 Yearly Recap

POSTED BY Webmaster February 3, 2021

Written by Vinicius ‘Ipixaim’ Alcantara Rodrigues & Juliano “Levy” Andrade dos Santos Benos

Quando fui chamado para a Team Singularity em maio de 2020 o time era KDS, Lenda, Rhyze, Levy e Kingst4r que chegou junto comigo no time e tivemos um longo período de preparo para os próximos campeonatos que tínhamos pela frente, os campeonatos eram Liga six e BR6B.

Jogamos as três Liga Six que tínhamos e ganhamos uma, mas as outras duas tivemos um desempenho abaixo do que esperávamos mas que serviu de aprendizado para os próximos campeonatos que tinham a seguir, quando terminamos de jogar as Ligas Six iriamos nos preparar para o BR6B mas Lenda, Kds, Rhyze receberam propostas de outros times então com a saída deles do time eu e Kingst4r apresentamos um time para a Singularity Team de ultima hora prestes a começar o BR6B e começamos os preparos para o campeonato, o time era Levy, Kingst4r, Neskin, Ghost, ZaaK.

Nesse pouco tempo de preparo que tivemos, nós aproveitamos para nos conhecer e aprender a jogarmos juntos para chegar bem no BR6B.

Quando chegou o Br6b,recebemos mais um reforço nosso Coach/analista IPixaim,que colaborou muito para nossa evolução no game é assim conseguimos conquistar a classificação para os Playoffs.Após passarmos para os playoffs,não conseguimos a vitória e acabamos falhando em nossa missão de conquistar a vaga para a elite do r6 e consequentemente assim ficamos sem a vaga do closed qualify do invitational.Com o fim do Br6b,nosso companheiro de time Kingst4r acabou saindo de nosso time e trouxemos um novo player,dustii(ex player da Royal republic), e assim começamos os preparativos para o qualify aberto do invitational.Mesmo com pouco tempo de treino com o dusti,conseguimos a vaga e passamos para o closed qualify.No closed qualify encontramos times tier 1 e 2 em busca da única vaga que tinha paga o invitational,acabamos caindo cedo na competição e não conseguimos a vaga.Agora temos tempo para acertar nosso erros que foram cometidos ano passado nos campeonatos oficiais para evoluirmos ainda mais no game

When I was called to Team Singularity in May 2020 the team was KDS, Lenda, Rhyze, Levy and Kingst4r who arrived with me on the team and we had a long period of preparation for the next championships we had ahead, the championships of Liga six and BR6B.

We played the Liga Six we had and won one, but the other two had a performance below what we expected but which served as an apprenticeship for the next championships that had to follow.

When we finished playing the Six League we started to prepare for the BR6B but Lenda, KDS, Rhyze received proposals from other teams so with their departure from the team I, Levy and Kingst4r presented a team for the Singularity Team at the last minute about to start BR6B and we started preparations for the championship, the team was Levy, Kingst4r, Neskin, Ghost, ZaaK.

In this little preparation time we had, we took the opportunity to get to know each other and learn to play together to get well at BR6B.

When Br6b arrived, we received another reinforcement from our Coach / analyst IPixaim, who contributed a lot to our evolution in the game and this way we managed to win the classification for the Playoffs. Conquer the spot for the elite of R6 and consequently we were left without the spot of invitational closed qualify. With the end of BR6B, our teammate Kingst4r ended up leaving our team and we brought a new player, dustii (ex player from Royal republic), and so we started the preparations for the invitational open qualifier. Even with little training time with dusti, we got the job and moved on to the closed qualify. In the closed qualify we found tier 1 and 2 teams in search of the only vacancy they had paid for the invitational, we ended up falling early in the competition and we didn’t get the spot. Now we have time to correct our mistakes that were made last year in the official championships to evolve further in the game.


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