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Raven are the proud official merchandise partner of Team Singularity, and going forward in our partnership we’ve a lot of cool stuff coming in the online store before the end of this year.

Right now you can get -5% on all our stuff in the online store by using our hashtag as a coupon/ discount code: “SNGARMY”

What are you waiting for? Go grab yourselves an official SNG jersey and join the SNGARMY on our path to success!

SNG.SE Academy shining bright in the group photo at DreamHack Summer 2018. If they won’t become pro players we’re sure they’ll make it as a boyband!
Our Fortnite DUO who attended DreamHack Summer 2018. From the left: Ramses, DucHH
The SNG female CSGO champions of the world, victory celebration from winning the largest female CSGO tournament out there, Copenhagen Games 2018.
Call of Duty champion team from CPHG. From the left: Ohmsen, Fred, Bayka, Rowen
“Everyone at the bootcamp meet outside for a group photo in 2 min…. 2 hours later the picture was taken…”
Intense game in the CSGO BYOC qualifier for CPHG 2018
A very tired Dota 2 team that was woke up and unprepared for photoshooting at our bootcamp facilities during their bootcamp for The International EU main qualifier. From the left: Bashruk, Mastermind, Solen, Mikey, Adamsson, Atle