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Releasing SabeRLighT-

POSTED BY Grauling April 23, 2020

“Even though I haven’t been playing for SNG for the majority of the season I am still sad to be leaving them. SNG is an extraordinary organisation and during my time here, I did not have a single issue with anything. Furthermore, I really appreciated their attitude towards players that they want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible which will make them perform better. I consider myself very lucky to have an opportunity to be working with them and I want to thank SNG for everything they’ve done for me.”

Jonáš “SabeRLighT-” Volek

“It’s been a great pleasure having Jonáš under the Team Singularity banner even though we haven’t been playing with him for the majority of the season. Jonáš is a great guy and a very hard working, skilled and dedicated player. I am sad to see him go, but I do not see any reason for Singularity keeping Jonáš on the bench as we earlier this month released our active team and sold Yume to Virtus.Pro.
I wish Jonáš the best of luck going forward in his career and I hope our paths will cross again in the future.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder, Team Singularity