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The time has come! Our Rocket League team will be debuting in the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) this Sunday! It is time for the boys to face some of the best teams in the world and prove their worth!

“The main way we prepare for matches is to scrim as much as possible, this is usually 2-3 games per day and we also play ranked or free play in our spare time. From the bootcamp, I feel that we can build morale as a team and become more connected so we have a better chemistry in game. We want to have a good start into the RLCS by showing teams that we can compete on the same level as others and take home wins! I am happy to make my debut on my 18th birthday because we have worked hard to be in this position and I am grateful that I get to play rocket league professionally for Team Singularity!”

Joseph “noly” Kidd

“We started our preparation for our first RLCS season right after our promotion from RLRS! I am very happy to see our roster improve all the time – the grind pays off! The bootcamp at the Singularity HQ is a big opportunity to grow as a team and create unique experiences. A lot of scrims, hard work, content creation and fun is waiting for the whole team.

Analyzing replays and working on strats are way more easy in person than online!I am looking forward to our first matches in the RLCS! Noly’s 18th birthday will give him an extra motivation for his RLCS debut for sure. We are ready to show everyone that we are here to win!”

Jonas “vel” Schaffrick

Our Rocket League team debuts Sunday, 2nd of February 18:00 CET against Team Reciprocity! Follow all the action live on: