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RLCS X Regional 2 Report

POSTED BY Grauling September 24, 2020

We managed to secure our spot in the 2nd RLCS X Regional Event with
our run through the EU Qualifier. During our run through the bracket, we managed to beat Glory4Builders and Fadeaway securing a spot in the final through the Winners Bracket.

In our stage 1 group, we had to face “Team Liquid” first. This was a tough game to start with. Sadly, we had to take the 1-3 defeat with all games being one goal down in overtime.

In the second round, we were lucky and got the default win against Yer Maw, because one of their players was not able to play.

After a short break, our next game was ready. In a heartbreaking five game series, we could not close the match in our favor and lost 2-3 against Top Blokes. At this point, we were in a do-or-die situation. One more defeat would result in an elimination from the Swiss bracket.

With a bit of pressure and a lot of energy we swept Godsmilla’s former organization Nordavind. In the complete series, our team only conceded three goals against them.

In the last round of the day, our opponent coming from round four was Team Endpoint. After a tough game one, we could not stop Endpoints’ offense anymore and were defeated by them 0-3.

Overall, we ended up being 17th in the leaderboards with a prize pool winning of 900$.

Not the result we wanted but in the end, this will give us a lot of motivation to work even harder and come back stronger in the next regional event to qualify for the EU Major!