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RLCS X Regional Event #3 Report

POSTED BY Grauling November 5, 2020

We managed to secure our spot in the third RLCS X Regional Event with our run through the EU Qualifier. During our run through the bracket, we managed to beat “Venatio Esports” and “Fierce Esports” after falling short to “Rix.GG”.

The team travelled to the Team Singularity HQ to bootcamp and play the regional event together in the facility in Copenhagen.

In our “Stage 1” group, we had to face “Libertas” first. Our Rocket League team could score some pretty goals but was not able to win a game (0-3). The next series against “Numb thumb dumb” did not start better. The luck was not on our side and we lost game 1 (6:37 Overtime) & game 2 (8:39 Overtime). After some motivational words from Atle the team managed to bounce back and was able to reverse sweep “Numb thumb dumb”.

In swiss round three, we had to face the current EU Champions: “Team Dignitas”. In a thrilled five game series, “Dignitas” was crowned as the winner. At this point, we were in a do-or-die situation. We needed two more wins to qualify for stage 2. Our next oponent was “Keep calm and improve”. Our team had a lot of motivation and kicked them out of the virtual stadium (3-1).

In the last series of the day, we played “S2V Esports”. In the first game, only one goal was scored and this goal was scored by “S2V”. We could secure game two & three with a 2-1 game score each. “S2V” played a strong 4th game but we were able to come back to go into overtime. After 23 seconds, “S2V” closed the series with a goal by VKSailen. Game 5 was a back and forth. In a dramatic and close game S2V was able to win the series by one goal and knocked us out.

Overall, we ended up being 17th in the leaderboards with a prize pool winning of 900$.