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RLCS X Spring Split Recap

POSTED BY Grauling June 13, 2021

With the RLCS X Spring Split coming to an end, we got you covered with our Rocket League Spring Split recap!

After our 7th place in the RLCS X Winter Split EU Major and our previous performance in the Winter Grid we were already qualified for this splits Grid season. The format was changed to a 16 team single round league format which resulted in 5 days of Rocket League broadcasts on our own twitch channel. (

Of course, we want to provide the best possible viewing experience and got RLCS mainstream caster Randy ‘Gibbs’ Gibbons on our broadcast alongside Corey ‘Digital Bacon’ Dyer, who already was part of our broadcast crew during the RLCS X season. Once again we worked together with Team FireWall ( as our broadcaster and developer for our custom and dynamic SNG overlay.

We started our season off strong with us beating Galaxy Racer (3-2), Top Blokes (3-0), Team Liquid (3-2) and German Amigos (3-2), but we couldn’t qualify for the Grid Playoffs. In our last match we lost in a thrilling series against EU Champion Team BDS (2-3) and placed 11th in the league leaderboards. All highlights can be seen in our aftermovie:

Everyone was excited to see Gibbs casting hibbs and we could see your excitement in our The Grid Spring Split broadcast stats. At this point we would like to thank you for watching and supporting our RLCS team! The whole RLCS X The Grid stats and talents can be found here. (

We were not only auto qualified for the Grid, but also for the 1st regional event. This splits format got also changed into a group system followed by a Knockout Gauntlet and a Championship Sunday Playoffs bracket.

We placed a solid 3rd place in our group with us beating Guild Esports (3-1) and The 3 Musketeers (3-0). In the Knockout Gauntlet we got knocked out in the lower bracket by Team Aether, who got picked up by SK Gaming in the following weeks.

Our Rocket League team had a similar performance in the 2nd regional event. We placed 3rd in our group again with us beating Solary (3-1) and Godsmilla’s Team (3-2), who got picked up by BS+Competition a few weeks later. In the Knockout Gauntlet we fell short to the new TrainHard eSports roster. This resulted in a tied 13th place and 1,500$ prizepool earnings once again.

After the 2nd regional event our team decided to do a roster move. We were in an all-or-nothing situation to have a chance to qualify for the EU Spring Major. Our team decided to play the last matches of the Grid and the 3rd regional with rehzzy instead of Scrub Killa.

This roster move went really well for us in The Grid. We managed to win 3 out of 4 matches in the end of the split. On the other side we couldn’t even qualify for the 3rd regional event as we fell short to Galaxy Racer (2-3). This resulted in us not being qualified for the EU Spring Major.
Overall our team won 220 points and 6,500$ across all RLCS X Spring Split tournaments.


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